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     X Series Air Source Processing
     AC1000 Series
     Air source treatment dyad
     Air source treatment triplet
     Directional control valve
     Manually-turn valve
     Shuttle valve


Filter Drier
Optimized liquid line protection for system equipped with best filter-drier that has excellent function that has excellent function to eliminate water and acid. FD seried filter drier is designed with lines to prevent refrigeration system from being contaminated.They are filled with a mixture of a specially-prescribed desiccant to fully eliminate the acid and water from any refrigeration system.
Most effective filtration provided by the dry surface.
Good filtration of fibreglass network controlled by the process.
Safe Working Pressure of:3.5Mpa.
The delayed flow demonstrates its performance free of disturbance.
Soluble to such contaminants as water and acid.
Both ODF and SAE type connectors available.
Suitable for R12,R22,R134a and R502 refrigerants.
ZEK-0321/421.  1.63
ZEK-033  3/832. 
ZEK-052  1/497.  2.64
ZEK-052S1/4  13.310.914.
ZEK-053  3/821.417.623.315.415.15.13 
ZEK-053S3/8  26.521.828.919.
ZEK-082  1/48.679.36.265.63  2.64
ZEK-082S1/4  13.711.314.
ZEK-083  3/821.81823.715.715.45.94 
ZEK-083S3/8  27.422.529.819.819.35.314.44
ZEK-084  1/236.429.939.626.325.76.19 
ZEK-084S1/2  38.93242.428.127.55.384.38
ZEK-162  1/421.  2.64
ZEK-163  3/822.218.324. 
ZEK-163S3/8  31.72634.422.922.46.255.38
ZEK-164  1/238.531.741.927.827.27.06 
ZEK-164S1/2  49.640.85435.835.16.318.31
ZEK-165  5/850.541.554936.435.77.5 
ZEK-165S5/8  67.255.373.148.547.56.565.31
ZEK-167S7/8  70.658.176.85149.57.135.63
ZEK-303  3/828.424.830.12221.79.63  3.15
ZEK-303S3/8  3326.332.525.324.898.13
ZEK-304  1/243.635.947.531.530.89.88 
ZEK-304S1/2  54.144.759.
ZEK-305  5/855.645.860.540.139.310.31 
ZEK-305S5/8  7460.980.553.452.39.318.06
ZEK-306S3/4  82.463.388.358.457.49.688.43
ZEK-307S7/8  83.468.690.860.2599.888.38
ZEK-309S1-1/8  109.189.8118.778.777.110.128.5
ZEK-413  3/846.333.851.528.427.99.75  3.66
ZEK-414  1/263.350.270.443.743.110 
ZEK-414S1/2  63.350.270.443.743.19.98.19
ZEK-415  5/868.556.374. 549.448.410.44 
ZEK-415S5/8  78.964.485.256.555.39.448.19
ZEK-417S7/8  106.587.6115.976.975.39.888.38
ZEK-419S1-1/8  113.893.6123.882.180.410.388.56
ZEK-759S1-1/8  32.726.835.423.72315.7513.63


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