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Electronic-drain valve

The electronic-drain valve is made of solid state electronic time-setting and solenoid valve, which can make the compressor condensates water drain automatically. It is widely used in filter drier, oil/water segregator, refrigerant compressed air drying machine, drying machine, air compressor drip-feet, and so on.The time of drain and interval can be adjustable according to different needs.

Various pressures can be provided: 1.6 Mpa,4.0 Mpa,8.0 Mpa;
Various electric voltages can be provided:AC230V,115 V, DC24V electric; voltage range: ±10%;
variety connects can be provided: G1/4"G3/8"G1/2"internal flare;
Interval:(OFF)0.5-45 minutes;
Drain time:(ON)0.5-10 second;
Manual test button:TEST;
Protection grade:IP65;
Insulate grade:H class(Max.Temp.:180 );
It is can susbsitute for the expansive process valve;
Only one type ?applies all applications;
It is can be Installed simply, full-automatically, without maintenance;
Sieve of ball valve can be mached.



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