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Refrigerant soft hose

Refrigerant soft hose

 Soft hose is new material for installation of refrigeration and air conditioning system which is applicable to all kinds of refrigerants R410A, R407C and R22, R134a.

  Temperature -40~+120, easy to install, size of 2.6*5.8mm diameter ,it is for the refrigeration unit, connecting fittings. 

To replace copper hose weaknesses, copper pipe welding is not strong, easy to repair the leakage not strong vibration, noise etc. easy installation, saving time 

Hose using refrigeration system:condenser to evaporator,evaporator to compressor, compressor to the pressure switch 

All kinds of Connetor is aviable,such as pressure test joint, hydraulic joint, air conditioning hose joint, freezer quick connector etc.


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